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The Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Product for Women

Facial hair, especially hair on the upper lip, is a challenge to get rid of for women. Many methods for removing hair from other parts of the body are not a good option for removing hair from a women’s upper lip. Home laser hair removal, while delivering good results for other areas, is not recommended for the face. Shaving is a common method, but it isn’t permanent and the hair often gets more coarse as it grows back. Waxing is not recommended either, because it can cause great pain, if not burn, the lips.

Women who are searching for a long-term, safe and pain-free solution to their upper lip hair problem might have found the solution. The No No Hair Removal system has been approved for use on the face, including the upper lip! There is no risk of burns or reaction and the results are long-term, and may become permanent with consistent use. In this overview we’ll discuss why the No No Hair Removal tool is the best upper lip hair removal product for women.

It is Safe
While heat/laser treatment is recognized as the best method for both immediate and permanent hair removal, most products have not been approved for use on the face. There are other other home hair removal tools on the market that use laser-type technology. The laser emits bright light that is absorbed by the hair where it becomes heat energy, destroying the hair. However, they are not deemed safe for use on the face. The No No hair tool uses consistent heat, no light, and is ruled to be safe to use to remove hair from the upper lip.

It is Effective
We mentioned that the No No hair removal system uses heat to destroy hair. More specifically, it employs Thermicon Technology that is patented by No No and is a proprietary hair removal technology. The unit emits controlled heat that is absorbed by the hair, transferring the heat all the way to the follicle which is weakened in the process. With consistent use, the hair grows back more slowly and is weaker. This is known as the Thermicon Effect and with consistent use over a period of 6-9 months, most of the hair will not grow back. This is true for upper lip hair and for hair anywhere on the body.

It Works on All Hair Types
One of the complaints that users have with laser hair removal is that the laser is not effective on light hair. The reason is that light-colored hair does not contain enough pigment to effectively absorb the light energy and transform it into heat energy. Think of how much hotter dark items get in the sun than lighter-colored objects. This same principle holds true with lasers. However, since the No No hair removal device does not rely on light, but produces heat, there is always enough heat to effectively treat any color of hair.

It is Safe for All Skin Tones
Laser hair removal is not safe for those with dark skin tones. Because of the science we have just described, dark skin will absorb the laser light and transform it into heat energy, possibly burning the skin or at least causing extreme discomfort. However, the No No produces the same amount of heat no matter what color the user’s skin is so there is no risk of being burned.

It is Pain-Free
With waxing, there is quite a bit of pain. The same is true with the higher settings on home laser products. Shaving leaves razor burn and possible nicks and cuts. Sugaring is painful too, for those who try that old method. Some have a reaction to creams, especially when they are used around tender skin like that on the lips. The No No will not cause pain at all when properly used — and it is very easy to learn how to use.

It is Affordable
The No No Hair Removal System is quite affordable. In fact, the entire system costs less than the average cost of just 3 waxing sessions at a salon. For that price, you can own the No No system for good. There are no extra supplies that need to be bought on a regular basis as there are with some home hair removal products. You’ll never have to buy shaving supplies, monthly orders of hair removal cream, batteries, etc. The rechargeable No No hair removal tool and charger are all that is required, ever.

It Can Be Used Everywhere
No longer do you need a variety of products to treat different parts of your body. Not only is the No No device safe for removing hair from your upper lip, you can use it to achieve the same results on your shoulders, arms and underarms, back, chest, bikini area and legs. One tool does it all!

The No No Can Be Tried Risk-Free
As you browse home hair removal products, you find those that are effective but can’t be used on the upper lip. You also find those that can be used on the upper lip but they don’t offer a long-lasting or permanent solution. The No No Hair Removal System is the one product that is both safe for women to use to remove hair from their upper lip and it is effective. With time, the results are often permanent. That’s the best of both worlds. We were also attracted to this home hair removal product because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to treat your upper lip 2-3 times, or anywhere else you want to get rid of unwanted hair, and determine if it is the right tool for you. The vast majority of consumers who try the No No Hair Removal System report results that meet or exceed their expectation. You likely will too, and if not, you can have your money back!

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